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Fruttini body care – irresistibly seductive

You can read everything about the irresistible Fruttini body care brand here. Frisky fruits sweeten your life!

Lovers of sweet things will be thrilled with the irresistible body care range. All Fruttini products are based on high quality recipes for silky soft skin. An irresistibly intense fragrance experience promises a true body care experience.

Be surprised by the cool tingly body care foams, romantic bubble foam baths and many more innovating products.

Click your way through the full Fruttini body care range world of indulgence:

Fruttini Gourmet:
Cranberry Choc, Ginger Passionfruit, Cherry Vanilla, Coco Banana, Milky Orange, Raspberry Cream, Peach Pear

Fruttini Sorbet:
Strawberry Starfruit, Lime Mint, Pineapple Prosecco
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Fruttini Gourmet
  Cranberry Choc
  Ginger Passionfruit
  Cherry Vanilla
  Coco Banana
  Milky Orange
  Raspberry Cream
  Peach Pear
Fruttini Sorbet
  Strawberry Starfruit
  Lime Mint
  Pineapple Prosecco
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